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Mini Pink & White Marshmallows (Halal Certified)

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Mini Marshmallows

A sweet treat thats fat free! Great as a gift, to put on your hot chocolate, cake decorations or ingredient and more, the uses for mini mallows are endless. 

  • Made In Turkey
  • This product is Halal Certified
  • Fat Free 

Ingredients: Sugar, Glucose and fructose syrup, water, beef gelatine (Halal), milk proteins, flavourings, starch, colours E129.




Reviews (2)

Rabia Ahmed 8th Dec 2017


Loved these Halal marshmallows!!!!! Will definitely be ordering again.

Nazifa Rahman 25th Feb 2017

Mini marshmallows

I have always wanted a hot chocolate topped with mini marshmallows. Unfortunately they've always been haram ones. So, I was sooooooo and excited when I found sweet lounge. I ordered them straight away (delivery was super fast- they came in 3 days) and they were they delicious!!! Usually halal marshmallows have a funny taste to 'normal' marshmallows but these didn't!!! Thank you sweet lounge!!

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