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Mini Pink & White Marshmallows (Halal Certified)

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Mini Marshmallows

A sweet treat thats fat free! Great as a gift, to put on your hot chocolate, cake decorations or ingrediant and more, the uses for mini mallows are endless. This is a very popular product.

  • Made In Turkey
  • This product is Halal Certified
  • Fat Free 

Ingredients: Sugar, Glucose and fructose syrup, water, beef gelatine (Halal), milk proteins, flavourings, starch, colours E129.


Options: 100g, 250g, 500g, 750g & 1kg Bags



Reviews (2)

Rabia Ahmed 8th Dec 2017


Loved these Halal marshmallows!!!!! Will definitely be ordering again.

Nazifa Rahman 25th Feb 2017

Mini marshmallows

I have always wanted a hot chocolate topped with mini marshmallows. Unfortunately they've always been haram ones. So, I was sooooooo and excited when I found sweet lounge. I ordered them straight away (delivery was super fast- they came in 3 days) and they were they delicious!!! Usually halal marshmallows have a funny taste to 'normal' marshmallows but these didn't!!! Thank you sweet lounge!!

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