Branded Popcorn Cart

We supply branded popcorn carts for any corporate event!

Make your corporate event stand out with our branded popcorn carts! Our carts are a cost-effective way to promote your brand or product on the spot, making them perfect for live events, brand launches, or exhibitions.


Why hire our branded popcorn cart?

Not only is it delicious and smells amazing, but it's also a fun and unique way to distribute your brand. For an extra "wow" factor, we can custom wrap your cart in any colour and provide branded popcorn boxes or cups. Plus, all of our carts come with an assistant to serve the popcorn.


Our popcorn machines "pop" kernels on site, creating fresh popcorn right before your eyes. They're suitable for indoor events with high ceilings and good ventilation, as well as outdoor events as long as power is provided and it's under a marquee or gazebo. The popping process makes for great visuals, and our machines even come with an internal light so you can see the popcorn being made.


Promotional Popcorn

We offer a range of flavours, including sweet, salted, and sweet & salted, and all of our popcorn is vegan. In addition to the popcorn cart, we also offer pre-bagged branded popcorn bags or popcorn boxes that can be customised to your specifications. Our branded popcorn bags come in a clear bag with full-colour branding on the front or a coloured striped bag with full-colour branding on the sticker to close the bag. Popcorn boxes are packed in a clear bag, sealed, and tied with a coloured ribbon of your choice before being placed into a branded popcorn box. 

Make your next event unforgettable with our branded popcorn carts and accessories. Contact us today to learn more about our customisable options! 


Additional Information

  • Machine dimensions. Height: 160cm Width: 80cm Depth: 50cm
  • 2 Hour Hire as standard. (additional hours can be requested)
  • Eco-friendly/Compostable Popcorn Bags