Sweet Lounge ♥ Earth Day & What A Wonderful World!

Oh what a beautiful planet we live on! Most people just take it for granted and don't realise that everyone plays their part when it comes to keeping our planet sustainable for the future.

I love the environment, so I ensure I recycle all my rubbish when I can and try to encourage others around me, I also hate when people think its ok to litter!

And as much as I'd like a more economical car with a lower percentage of Co2 emissions, because I'm under 25, insurance prices are not in my favour :/ So I drive what is affordable (for now!) 

Every individual has a part to play in how we look after our planet and doing just something small like recycling or up-cycling what you can, helps in a massive way. 

Over the years more improvements are made on renewable energy, recycling and reusing materials and these will hopefully catch up and overtake with the damage we have already caused. I believe this is possible as this topic is a major concern to a lot of us these days.

I live in the middle of England near the countryside and driving down the country roads whether summer or winter makes me stop and think 'What a beautiful world we live in'. As much as I know the demand for housing is needed, especially in the United Kingdom, I feel saddened when a part of the pretty green countryside is destroyed just to make way for more houses or those poor trees that have been cut down to make the road wider! Such as shame and not only this, think about the animals and wildlife that live there.

Although we are quite lucky as the UK has enforced the Green Belt Policy which ensures that the countryside is protected. However even this concept is under threat.  

Read more about the policy here.

As a business we also do what we can, we try not to print anything we dont need (including invoices with your orders), all of our packaging, from our packets to our gift boxes are recyclable. 

Please look after your planet because together, we can change the future!

Thank You for reading. Happy Earth Day!

Greta @ Sweet Lounge

Ps. The photo above of the cactus planter is our cube boxes recycled (except the sweets have been eaten)